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ThinBASIC general

What's new

ThinBASIC language

Current ongoing version

Main script

2015/2016 version history


2014 version history


2013 version history

Numeric variable

2011 version history

String variables

2010 version history

Variant variables

2009 version history

UDT variables (user defined types)

2008 version history


2007 version history

Program flow operators

2006 version history

Error handling

2005 version history

ThinBASIC modules



How to use ThinBASIC


ThinBASIC tutorial





ThinBASIC modules

ThinBASIC is a modular language. The biggest part of ThinBASIC functionalities/keywords are not developed inside the language itself but inside specific modules.


Check the full list going into ThinBASIC Modules help area and navigate in the left tree view menu.