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thinBasic tutorial


We have been asked many times to add a thinBasic step by step tutorial. The biggest difficult in writing a thinBasic tutorial is that thinBasic is very vast language with more that ... well, many hundred of commands so writing a tutorial is very very difficult.


In any case we have decided to write a tutorial that would cover at least the startup process of writing a thinBasic script.


thinBasic tutorial can be found in \thinBasic\Tutorial\ directory. Check that directory and execute Tutorial_Intro.tBasic script. It is completely written in thinBasic itself and can be expanded with new chapters. Tutorial script can be improved with the help of whoever can have an idea so if you think something is missing or you thing something can be improved, study source code, develop new tutorial chapters and just send us your new material ( tutorial@thinbasic.com ) and we will be happy to add your work in next thinBasic version.