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What is thinBundle?


thinBundle is a thinBasic tool able to create stand alone executables scripts.


thinBundle IS NOT A COMPILER. No machine code will be produced.

thinBundle will create a kind of closed, compressed, crypted executable file containing all the files a script needs in order to be executed without having thinBasic installed in the target machine. The produced .exe file will be like a box containing all the files needed to execute the script (dll, modules, script sources, ...).


How does executable produced by thinBundle works?


When an .exe file created by thinBundle will be executed, a special minimal runtime start.

This runtime will extract on disk all files included in bundled exe.

All files extracted will have hidden attribute on.

Runtime will than execute the main script.

After execution, all extracted files will be deleted.


How to use?


See thinBundle: how to use topic.