Oxygen (Just in time compiler)

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Oxygen (Just in time compiler)




O2H is a Just-In-Time compiler assembler, deployed in a single DLL that takes source code strings and returns executable binary. It is an extension of the Oxygen assembler. This implementation can be used with thinBasic to provide high speed functions for time critical operations, that would otherwise be impractical using interpreted code alone.


This is the preliminary release of the thinBasic Oxygen compiler - which will become part of the thinBasic package in due course. Since it incorporates the Oxygen Assembler, it will replace this component in thinBasic.


O2H supports Object Oriented Programming with mulple inheritance and also single inheritance modes, more suited to COM. In addition to this O2H will support User-defined operators and operator sets for use with complex numbers, matrices, vectors, sets and other specialised forms.


The built in function set is quite small at present. Just enough to enable further functionality to be self-coded in o2h.


O2H can interact directly with thinBasic Variables - including User-Defined Types, or it can return values using Subs and Functions like an external DLL..


How to do?


Inside your script, before calling any module specific keyword, add the following:


USES "Oxygen"


How to do?


To have more info about this fantastic module see Oxygen dedicated thinBasic community forum





A big thanks to Charles Pegge, author of Oxygen Just-In-Time compiler.