File Equates

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File Equates


During module loading process, the following equates (constants) will be defined:


Equates used by DIR_List and DIR_ListArray:




Normal files


Read only files


Hidden files


System files


Volume label




Archive flag files


Will add full path to returned file name


The following equates are used to extract path parts depending on the below rules:


%Path_RootPathFileExt or %Path_RootPathProgExt

%Path_RootPathFile or %Path_RootPathProg







Standard Paths


|                               |

Root                            | File_ Ext

| |                             ||     | | |

d:\program files\folder1\folder2\program.exe


UNC Paths


|____Root_____                | File_ Ext

|             |               ||     | | |



The following equates are used as return values from FILE_Changed function:









The following equates are used by FILE_GetVersion... functions:







Equates for FILE_SetDateTime, FILE_GetDate, FILE_GetTime functions