Configuring thinBasic under Abyss

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Configuring thinBasic under Abyss

How to use thinBasic as a CGI script engine under Abyss web server (version 2.3).


Abyss Web Server


Be sure Abyss is installed in your system

Connect to Abyss Web Server Console using something like http://localhost:ConsolePort
where ConsolePort is the port you have assigner to Abyss Web Console during installation. Default is 9999

Abyss Web Server Console will ask for user name and password

If all is ok, the following screen should appear:

Click on Configure button

We have to add some new Index Files. Use Index File button and add the following index files:
index.tbasic, index.tbasicc. If you want to execute also encrypted scripts, add also index.tbasicx and index.tbasiccx.

This operation instructs Abyss web server which are the default pages to load when users navigate into your web server.
Confirm operation with OK button.

Under "Scripting Parameters" you have to setup thinBasic interpreter to be used with thinBasic extensions.
Click on Scripting Parameters button.
Click Add in Interpreters option.
Fill in the form with the following information:

Click Ok button to confirm. You will return to Scripting Parameters end you should see something like the following:

Click Ok button to confirm.


You are now into root Web Console configuration.
You need to map root web server to physical path.
If you want you web server root to map to thinBasic CGI, use General button and apply something like the following:

Click Ok button to confirm.
If you need to map a virtual path, use Aliases button and one or more virtual path(s).
Again, click Ok button to confirm.

You are now into root Web Console configuration again.
All the changes are not online until you confirm with Restart button:

Click Restart button. Abyss Web Server will apply all the changes and restart web server.