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Equates for COMBOBOX Style.

If none is specified the following expression is assumed as default: %CBS_DROPDOWN Or %WS_TABSTOP





Automatically scroll the text in the text box to the right when the user types a character at the end of the line. If this style is not set, only text that fits within the rectangular boundary is allowed.


Show a disabled vertical scroll bar in the list box when the box does not contain enough items to scroll. Without this style, the scroll bar is hidden when the list box does not contain enough items.


Similar to %CBS_SIMPLE, except that the list box is not displayed unless the user selects the icon next to the edit control. (default)


Similar to %CBS_DROPDOWN, except that the text box is replaced by a (non-editable) label item that displays the current selection in the list box.


The combo box will contain strings. (persistent)


Convert to lowercase any uppercase characters entered into the text box control portion of the combo box.


Create the list box portion of the combo box with exactly the size specified by the CONTROL ADD COMBOBOX statement. Without this style, Windows reduces the height of the list box portion of the combo box so that it does not display any partial (clipped) items.


Display the list box at all times. The current selection in the list box is displayed in the text box.


Automatically sorts strings added to the combo box. (default)


Convert any characters entered into the text box of a combo box into uppercase.


Create a control that is initially disabled. A disabled control cannot receive input from the user. Use the CONTROL ENABLE statement to re-enable a disabled control.


Define the start of a group of controls. The first control in each group should also use %WS_TABSTOP style. The next %WS_GROUP control in the tab order defines the end of this group and the start of a new group.


Allow combo box control to receive keyboard focus when the user presses the TAB and SHIFT+TAB keys. The TAB key shifts keyboard focus to the next control with the %WS_TABSTOP style, and SHIFT+TAB shifts focus to the previous control with %WS_TABSTOP. (default)


Allow the control to display a vertical scroll bar if the list is longer than the height of the combo box. Use in conjunction with %CBS_DISABLENOSCROLL to make the scroll bar visible at all times.