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Allows to change one specified configuration options.




CGI_CfgSetOption(nOption As NUMBER, xValue As ?) As ?




Return a string or numeric value depending on nOption type.

   The new current value of nOption.





The option to query for value, it can be one of following values:


If non zero CGI can accept file upload, if zero file upload are not handled.


 If non zero CGI automatically adds prefix to each special characters,

 if zero special characters are not prefixed.


If non zero CGI automatically creates GET and POST variables as script

variables, if zero variables are not created.


If non zero CGI bufferize output write to it at once, if zero output is written immediately.


Specify the path where put the downloaded files, must be backslash ('\') ended.


Specify if each request must validated before to process it.

If a request could not be successfully validated it cannot be processed.


Specify how many bytes can be read from standard input for each request.


Specify the path where put the session files, must be backslash ('\') ended.


Specify the prefix to use for handle special chars, if %CGI_AUTO_ADD_SPECIAL_CHARS_PREFIX is zero this option is ignored.


Specify the path where temporary put the downloaded files, must be backslash ('\') ended. This value cannot be changed at runtime.


If non zero upload can overwrites existing file, if zero upload cannot overwrites existing files.


If non zero CGI write more useful information to the log file thinBasicCGI.log, if zero log file are not written.


If non zero CGI write the variables name and values into the log file, if zero vars are not written to log file. If %CGI_WRITE_LOG_FILE option is zero this option is ignored.





Options are loaded from a thinBasicCGI.config configuration file if found, otherwise the system starts with internals default value.

Alternatively you can override the previous settings by loading another configuration file or changing some options at run time.





See also


CGI_CfgGetOption, CGI_LoadConfigFile, thinBasicCGI.config




If CGI_CfgSetOption(%CGI_ACCEPT_FILE_UPLOAD, %False) = 0

Echo("File upload is: Disabled ")

End If