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CGI module provides support to quickly write powerfull Common Gateway Interface application.

See for more detailed description of CGI.


How to use this module


Inside your script, before calling any module specific keyword, add the following:




thinBasic CGI main features


Each CGI session can be configured by a configuration file. Session settings are loaded from configuration file and changed, if needed, at run-time during script execution. GET and POST methods are handled and web data, where requested, is automatically encoded and decoded to/from hexadecimal espression.

Many built-in functions already developed: session variables, coockie file, session control like date of validity, file upload and more.

Session related information remains availables at server side even after sessions expires for easy inspection.

CGI activities can be traced in a log file giving you big activity details.


Since you are using script you can also build script 'on the fly' depending on user request.


How to configure your web server to work with thinBasic GCI script engine


Please refer here for details on how configure your web server to work with thinBasic scripts.