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BIFF Example

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Example of creation of a Microsoft Excel BIFF 2.1 files


'---Load BIFF module

Uses "Biff"


Dim Count   As Number

Dim OutFile As String

Dim MaxLoops As Long

'---Set a 1Mb buffer. This will speed up writing operations

BIFF_SetBuffer(1024 * 1024)

OutFile = App_SourceName & ".xls"


'---Create the file



'---Write some random data

For Count = 1 To MaxLoops

BIFF_WriteNumber(RND(1, 100000), RND(1, 1000), RND(2, 5))

BIFF_WriteText  ("Num Is " + TIMER, RND(1, 1000), RND(6, 10))

BIFF_WriteDate  (Date$, RND(1, 1000), RND(1, 1), 12)



'---Change some columns and rows size

BIFF_SetColWidth(1, 10, 10)

BIFF_SetRowHeight(1, 80)


'---Close the file