2019 - Version history

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2019 - Version history


Version by version changed / improved / fixed items during 2019




Release date

Main notes



Last update before the new year

FROM THIS VERSION ThinBASIC will install a complete FreeBASIC distribution, in order to allow ThinBASIC to use this separate application to create DLLs, which can be directly used from ThinBASIC interpreted code.
This will allow to mix compiled and script code using new thinBasic feature #Compiled ... #EndCompiled directive

A lot of thinBasic functions and statements are chaning in order to be compatible with UFT-8 strings. When necessary, like in UI module, conversion from UTF-8 to Unicode and the other way round will be automatically done by thinBasic engine

going on improving thinAir with new feature

new ways to handle UI windows and control events. It will take some time because all controls needs a recoding introducing events, methods and properties

new MMF module working with Memory Mapped Files. This allows to share some memory areas between separated process

New I18N module still un der construction that will help to internationalize scripts


Version mainly concentrated on thinAir improvements ...

thinAir: Improved Find/Replace dialog

thinAir: added "Select all occurrences" of a given selection of word allowing in place editing of all of the occurrences

thinAir: working on improving Code Browser to better and faster parse source code

thinAir: autocompletion will now shows UDTs, functions and subs present in your script

added new module I18N working on internationalization but still to be finished.

few other improvements in Core, MSXML2, ADODB

New TBGL version from Petr


Mainly a fix release but ...

... as always some new functionalities are always there :)