2018 - Version history

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2018 - Version history


Version by version changed / improved / fixed items during 2018




Release date

Main notes



A GREAT release full of new features!

named controls with properties and methods

Activex control

Image control

Richedit control

Fast string functions like MIDF$, LEFTF$, RIGHTF$, LENF, GRABF$ PARSEF$, PARSECOUNTF in some cases thousand of times faster than classical one

System pseudo variable

App pseudo variable

Improved COMM module

thinAir themes

UDT element names can be specified at runtime using string expressions between ()

AnyType type for script functions parameters

thinAir source code is now saved with UTF-8 BOM header

CODEPTR function will open a huge new set of possibilities

WSTRING and WSTRINGZ data type introduced in DECLARE parameter. thinBasic will automatically convert passed strings inot unicode format

Static elements in UDT can now be initialized

New module called AppConfig will extremely simplify loading application parameters from a special formatted XML file