2017 - Version history

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2017 - Version history


Version by version changed / improved / fixed items during 2017




Release date

Main notes



Just a minor but important improve on iDispatch declaration


WOW release!

iDispatch variable type will allow interaction with COM objects implementing Dispatch interface like they would be native thinBasic commands. All the hard work is done by thinBasic engine

continue to add native classical Data Structures. Now it is the time of: Linked List

autocompletion in thinAir is something you will like. Just activate in thiAir options


Some fixes

fully documented cJSON module
Examples in \thinBasic\SampleScripts\cJSON\

added new functions to cJSON module

fully documented StringBuilder module

added a new experimental module working with SQLite data.
For the moment very basic commands.
Example in \thinBasic\SampleScripts\SQLite\


Scintilla editor: fixed possibility to loose source code when switching from Codemax to Scintilla editor

Scintilla editor: now font name and size is taken from thinAir options

Scintilla editor: added zooming in editor right click

Scintilla editor: changed some file saving strategy

completed documentation and added some script examples for new module MSXML2. This module is great for connecting to remote http server to get back data. Example usage: REST API. See examples in \thinBasic\SampleScripts\MSXML2\ directory

added a new experimental module: CJSON.
ATTENTION: this module need VCRUNTIME140.DLL installed in order to work. It can be downloaded from Microsoft.
Module will be documented in next versions but you can already have an idea looking at \thinBasic\SampleScripts\CJSON\ directory


Among other changes, this version introduced 3 big changes:

introduced Scintilla control editor as an optional control editor in thinAir.

Scintilla will now open the option to have UTF-8 in scripts. A lot of work is still to be done on that side but at least we have opened the door.

ADODB module officially added as stable module. Quite completely documented all new features. Still some work to do (like adding Command class) but a lot is already in there. See examples into \SampleScripts\ADODB\