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Thread: Creating .exe from thinbasic scripts

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    Creating .exe from thinbasic scripts

    Hi all
    Is it possible to compile thinbasic scripts into an .EXE with anything other than the bundle feature..
    The reason i ask is my application has a large texture library which makes things really slow when starting the app..
    I would like to be able to compile an .EXE that doesnt have to extract files everytime it is run..

    Can this be done??

    Basically i would like to compile the mainscript of my app to an .EXE and then run it from the app folder that already has the texture library in a subfolder as well as all includes in a subfolder..(This means all thinbasic includes as well as my own script includes..)

    Then the app wouldnt need to extract files to run as they would already be in the correct folders and referenced in the compiled mainscript..

    Is this possible or do all the files have to be bundled and then extracted everytime the app is run?

    Sorry if i am not being very clear about what i am wanting to do but i dont know how else to explain it..

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    Re: Creating .exe from thinbasic scripts

    Hi Macros,

    when transformed into an EXE, original thinBasic source code is expanded and all source code includes are all put together with the main script. So even if you will have your included in the correct directory, thinBasic will not use them.

    Regarding textures or other files (not part of the source code or modules) can be left outside the bundled exe. It is in reality preferable that bundled exe does not contains anything other than source code and needed modules.

    I'm sorry but I cannot change that for the moment.


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