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Thread: Do you know: Passing UDT parameters

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    Do you know: Passing UDT parameters

    It was pointed out to me that you can assign a UDT variable to a function by making the function "as string". The conversion from string to UDT is a "feature". An example:

    dim v1 as UDTOne
    v1 = Func1()

    Function Func1() as string
    local v as UDTOne
    v.whatever = whatever
    Function = v
    End Function

    You can carry the "feature" further to pass UDT parameters which allows nesting of UDT functions just like you can nest regular functions. The danger in this is that there is no type-checking. You can do your own type-checking to be safer. But I think I'm going to use the concept. Here's an example.

    Uses "Console"
    ' Example of Functions returning string=UDT,
    ' and UDT parameters as string

    Type VectorXY
    t as long ' for type checking?
    x as single
    y as single
    End Type


    Sub Main()
    dim v1 as VectorXY
    v1 = vLoad(11, 12) ' uses "feature"
    vPrintAsVector("v1 = ", v1) ' normal call
    vPrintAsString("v1 = ", v1) '
    ' vPrintAsVector("nested v = ", vLoad(21, 22)) ' can't do - wrong type
    ' example of nested parameters
    vPrintAsString("nested v = ", vLoad(31, 32)) ' can do
    End Sub

    Function vLoad(x as single, y as single) as string ' really want "as VectorXY"
    dim v as VectorXY
    v.t = 1234 ' means type VectorXYZ
    v.x = x: v.y = y
    Function = v
    End Function

    Sub vPrintAsVector(s1 as string, v1 as VectorXY)
    ' normal - implicit type checking
    Printl s1 & v1.x & ", " & v1.y
    End Sub

    Sub vPrintAsString(s1 as string, sv1 as string) ' accepts nested parameters
    dim v as VectorXY
    v = sv1 ' string to UDT
    ' have to do your own type-checking - may prevent difficult bugs
    if v.t <> 1234 then Printl "TypeErr in vPAS": stop
    Printl s1 & v.x & ", " & v.y
    End Sub

    I hope I'm not into "dangerous" programming here.

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    Re: Do you know: Passing UDT parameters

    Nothing dangerous with strings because thay are dynamic up to 2Gb.
    Of course you have to know what you are doing but here it seems you know very well

    Thanks a lot.

    PS a little note: if you call your "Main" function "TBMain" it will be executed automatically. See | |
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