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Thread: Suggestion - Module Dependency

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    Suggestion - Module Dependency

    After source release of ZLIB module, one thing to enhance SDK occured to me - module dependency declaration.

    It would look as following in module code:
    thinBasic_AddDependency <NameOfFile>

    What is this good for?

    When bundling EXE from script, ThinBasic can check which other files are needed to make module work.
    In case of ZLIB module it would be external ZLIB.DLL:
    thinBasic_AddDependency "ZLIB.DLL"
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    Re: Suggestion - Module Dependency

    In reality this is already done in Core engine.
    The fact that in zLib module is not done is because zlib.dll is already added in all thinBasic bundled exe.

    But your suggestion is very clever and I think I will add this in order to let the module be independent in declaring dependancies.

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