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Thread: missing info on pointers

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    missing info on pointers

    don't see anything on pointers also nothing on type "any"
    for example, yesterday I was adding declarations for the gmp library and the gmp_sprintf will take mpf, mpz and mpq types
    so I made three aliases to the same function but today tried this
    DECLARE function MPF_Sprintf CDECL LIB "gmp.dll" ALIAS "__gmp_sprintf"  (BYREF s AS ASCIIZ, BYREF fmt AS ASCIIZ, BYREF X AS ANY ) as long
    and it works for all three types.
    hope am not overlooking something.

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    Re: missing info on pointers

    You are right jack.

    I didn't cover much that area in help material. I need to feel this hole.
    To be honest I'm still working on the many different ways a parameter can be passed to an external function. Some "ways" a re not 100% covered but I'm working on that in the development background so every new thinBasic version brings improvements on this area even if not mentioned in help.

    So, I promise I will work on it.
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