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Thread: Scripts: new forum area

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    Re: Scripts: new forum area

    I suppose you mean number of sub items of 3rd level are not counted and also 3rd level is not shown very well.
    Yes, I noted. I will report to the creator.

    In the mantime I've moved all items at 2nd level as max nested level.

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    Re: Scripts: new forum area

    Check your INCLUDE for the page which shows the comments...

    There are two "<<Previous" links, nested.

    Should not be difficult to locate and remove the second one.

    Would be great to see all the "Examples" listed there. (Since editing the code in ThinAir edits the examples directly. Would be nice to see ThinAir notice that the file is an "Example", and create a seporate folder to house the "Edited Examples".)

    This would be a great place to come get the latest versions that are untainted. (You should set a VERSION attribute. (Drop-down list, not listing Beta-versions of code, which may have functions that might not have made the final-cut in release. This would let goofs like me, realize... wait, I did this in beta, duh!)

    You could even go so far as to demand the correct use of VersionInfo in the files. (Using an online-submit for code, creating standards by keeping GLOBALS at the top, with VERSION and CONSTANTS and DECLARE... etc... Also, explicitly stating MAIN, or using the default MAIN. (Since these are samples. Unless they select RAW CODE, which would be something like submitting just a function, like a math-replacement, or another function only code. EG, alone, it does nothing, thus not an actual sample, but a snippet of code.)

    Like the way it looks!

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