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Thread: TBEM sample - Add an event

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    TBEM sample - Add an event

    Here is a sample how to add an event.

    ' TBEM sample script - AddEvent
    ' Michael Hartlef
    ' October 18th, 2008

    uses "CONSOLE", "TBEM"

    dim myEvent as long
    dim sKey as string
    dim run as long value %TRUE

    'Define all event types we need.
    begin const
    end const

    function tbmain()
    'Add an event
    myEvent = TBEM_AddEvent("SampleFunc",%evtType1)

    'Fire a trigger to run the event for one time

    console_writeline ("Press q for quit, a to add a new trigger" + $CRLF)
    while run = %TRUE
    'Run all active events which triggers were fired

    'Check now for a keypress
    sKey = console_inkeyb

    'if the "a" key was pressed, add another trigger
    if sKey = "a" then TBEM_AddTrigger(%evtType1)
    'if "q" key was pressed, end this script
    if sKey = "q" then run = %FALSE

    end function

    sub SampleFunc()
    static count as long

    count += 1

    console_writeline("Hello from function SampleFunc")
    console_writeline("count = " + count)

    end sub
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