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Thread: ThinAIR editor

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    ThinAIR editor

    Starting from next ThinBASIC release ThinAIR will use two differents editor controls.
    The first one is the well know ThinAIR built-in editor (named STANDARD), the second is a SCINTILLA based editor (named ADVANCED).
    User can choose with which editor use, just selecting it by a EDITOR TYPE in EDITOR tab (from OPTIONS).
    To ensure no failure at the start up the IDE automatically checks if the external Scintilla DLL is available and usable and only if OK ThinAIR starts to use it, otherwise the IDE starts with the standard editor.
    For details about SCINTILLA please check
    For now only few keystroke are supported and I know there are a lots of not implemented features but this is only a preview, the rest will arrive soon (at least I hope).
    Please feel free to report any comments, bugs, ideas and nice to have requests, I'll try do my best.


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    Re: ThinAIR editor

    Hi Roberto,

    thanks a lot for working on this area.
    One of the most used practices in "standard" thinAir edit which I would like to see in Scintilla are the following:
    • moving selected lines using cursor
    • duplicating lines ( should work now already )
    • indenting / unIndenting lines ( should work now already )
    • accessing right click menu using ... right click

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    Re: ThinAIR editor

    Sorry, then you will not be satisfied with this release because does not contain what you've highlighted. :'(
    However, the idea is to align the advanced editor with the standard one, we will see!


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