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Thread: Discussion: Time base for TBEM

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    Re: Discussion: Time base for TBEM

    Just be sure to compare the output of the TICK and FREQUENCY to the actual passed time value of the clock. That will only be an issue with unpatched dual-core processors, and dual/quad processors, which use two separate clocks. The end result will be drifting or pure half/quarter or double speed. (Depending on the arrangement.)

    But the issue should be nearly immediate, after the first call of the API, and a quick 2 to 5 second check.

    Where can I find the help-file for this module?

    Even with GetTickCount driving it... it is a valuable tool.

    Here is another MSDN page to show some of the issues above.

    Focus is on the drift/accuracy related to system state changes, and also dual-core.

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    Re: Discussion: Time base for TBEM

    Just look into the help folder. It's just a loose lisitng of the commands and their syntax. No samples.

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    Re: Discussion: Time base for TBEM

    Sorry, I keep forgetting there is helpfiles on my computer... I was using the online help files... The link was dead.

    Found it... TY

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