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Thread: Tools and modules

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    Tools and modules

    Here are my 2 cents regarding the tools and modules we could use.


    Graphics => TBGL
    Sound => TBASS
    Networking => TCPUDP
    Input => TBDI
    Event management => TBEM
    Datastorage => XML, INI, DICTIONARY, ODBC
    Web interaction => CGI, FTP
    Windows UI => UI

    Free tools

    Art pipeline => Modeller of your choice => Blender => M15
    3D Modelling/Rendering => Blender
    2D Graphics => Gimp, InkScape, Artweaver
    Sounds => Audacity, Psycle
    Coding => thinAIR, Remmer, WinMerge
    Brainstorming => FreeMind
    Documentation => Open Office

    I'm sure there is more. Please add.

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    Re: Tools and modules

    Mike thanks for this nice list. There are many new applications I never heard of. You are a wealth of knowledge, I have research to do on many of these. Thanks!
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