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Thread: ThinBasic Journal, Issue 1

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    Re: ThinBasic Journal, Issue 1

    Thank you for the first issue. I loved it. Great job!

    I especially enjoyed reading the article on old code.


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    Re: ThinBasic Journal, Issue 1

    @Petr and Charles:
    What an incredible surprise. I was expecting a surprise of some sorts, I have been twisting Petr's arms for days for clues and he is a very good secret agent and able to keep things hush hush. I am blown away by this beautiful looking, well designed and presented Journal.

    It captures the excitement of programming journals from years gone by, but adding many new wonderful features that make modern journals.

    On top of all else you guys have been doing, to be able to put something like this out is just amazing, THanks so much!!!

    @MystikShadows, again your words of capturing my feelings about the team here and the great work are really well put. That is such a great description of the team that makes thinBasic and what it means to have this new journal. PCopy will only grow with the work you guys are doing and with passionate writing as that too. Keep up your great job too. I venture out to look at other languages all the time and it is very complicated to put information about languages as well as you guys do.

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    Re: ThinBasic Journal, Issue 1

    Glad it's worked out so well.

    I enjoyed writing for Petr's new journal - it was easy to do so I envisage many more articles to follow.

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    Re: ThinBasic Journal, Issue 1

    First of all you surprise me with mail,second journal is great

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    Re: ThinBasic Journal, Issue 1

    Very nice read & totally unexpected.

    For the past 2 years we've been trying to create something similar for Basic4GL. :P

    Maybe one day... :
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    Re: ThinBasic Journal, Issue 1

    That nice idea you have!
    Really a great job, very impressive.
    Also excellent style of magazine.

    Thank you very much,

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    Re: ThinBasic Journal, Issue 1

    There is so much to thinBasic. I'm finding new stuff everyday. I don't consider myself a good programmer, but I love learning about this stuff ... even though sometimes I don't understand it. That's okay. With more articles like "Power of FOR/NEXT" and "Legacy BASIC code and ThinBasic" I'll feel like I know what I am talking about.

    Those two articles I just mentioned were my favorite in the journal because they involved stuff that I not only understand but that I can use. Some of the other articles I will have to study, read about here in the forums and maybe ask questions about before I completely understand them.

    Keep up the good work! BY the way, how often are you planning on coming out with these journals?


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    Re: ThinBasic Journal, Issue 1

    We are committed to produce new TBJ at every thinBasic official release.
    But of course it depends on how many articles we will have to publish.

    Remember that everyone can write an article on TBJ, just send material (articles, pictures, code) to the mentioned email and you will see your material published. | |
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    Re: ThinBasic Journal, Issue 1

    Hi guys....
    When i read first time i miss one excellent thing UNION.
    UNION uBitmap32x32
    cComponent(32x32) As tRGB
    cValue(32x32) As LONG
    rawData As String * 4096

    Dim myImage As uBitmap32x32

    I dont see any similiar in other basics,excellent and very powerful.

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    Re: ThinBasic Journal, Issue 1

    That was cool...

    After years programming in every basic... from CommidoreVic-20's, TSR-80's, Amiga-500's, Mac's, PICmicro, ATMEL, 486's, 586's, VB 3-6, .NET, JavaScript... blah blah... I still learned something.

    Gotta give you multiple points for the UNION thing... That would have come in soooo handy when I was programming data-flippers for reducing solutions for a "Lights-Out" style game. (The puzzles could have the same solution, but R-L swapped, T-B swapped, Rotated 90, 180, 270... and swapped and rotated together. It was a nightmare, but I was able to do it all in one pass, with one single set of data. I think a UNION would have saved me a LOT more time.)

    Hehe... the puzzles had 2 to the 25th power... 33,554,432 original solutions... Reduced to nearly 8,000,000 unique solutions. (Some could be solved in less moves, with the same result. Some could also be shifted around, since they used less than 5x5.)

    Yea, anywho... LOL

    Great job!

    I love the simplified FOR/NEXT, more like javascript...

    I will love it more when the program assumes that the first VAR in the FOR, is a LONG, unless otherwise stated. (Since that is the most common use for a loop, counting with the fastest number-type. LONG is longer, but it is also natively faster, since, in memory, it is not dissecting a LONG into smaller chunks, like a BIT, or a BYTE. In a counter, you want the fastest value for comparison, since it is only one single disposable chunk of data. Being smaller is simply irrelevant, unless you have a million nested loops.)

    Can't wait for the next version.

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