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Thread: thinBasic TBGL Bonus Pro

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    thinBasic TBGL Bonus Pro

    TBGL Bonus Pack now at version
    Script updated to reflect all recent fixes and updates. Few new scripts added. Below some more info about it.
    THIS IS A MUST for all people wanting to learn about thinBasic and TBGL, OpenGl module engine created by Petr Schreiber.
    Hi all.

    We have created a new download release called thinBasic TBGL Bonus Pack.
    You can find it in download section at:

    What is thinBasic TBGL Bonus Pack?
    It is currently a 11Mb zip file full of some of the many TBGL script developed by forum users (mainly from Petr) and already present in the forum in different sparse posts. I've decided to collect some of them keeping organized into a downloadable zip file easy to be copied into \thinBasic\Samplescripts\ directory.

    The idea is to keep this Bonus Pack updated with the new versions of the included scripts. It can be a good start for users wanting to approach TBGL module and the massive options it brings to thinBasic engine. Consider also Petr seems to have a new set of functionalities ready to be developed for the next few months so this can be a good time for starting this operation.

    Please feel free to download and make here any suggestion on how to implement, on possible bugs found inside included script or any other comment you would like to let us know.

    If you find any of your script included in the thinBasic TBGL Bonus Pack and want to remove them, let us know.
    If you have a nice TBGL script and would like to include into thinBasic TBGL Bonus Pack, let us know.

    What do you need to run TBGL included scripts?
    To execute some of the scripts included into thinBasic TBGL Bonus Pack you need thinBasic preview version installed into your system.

    thinBasic TBGL Bonus Pack specific forum
    A new dedicated forum for TBGL Bonus pack has been created. You can get into it at:

    Thanks a lot.
    thinBasic team | |
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    Re: thinBasic TBGL Bonus Pro

    Good to mention it also contains Matthews NeHe tutorials for thinBASIC, Abraxas voxel script or Kents lens flare experiments, as well as major part of TBGL website resources.

    All in one place, just ready to be executed from thinAir or by click.
    Eros did a very good job in composing and testing this package with latest thinBASIC

    Do you like current conception of BonusPacks, would you change something?
    Let us know!

    Learn 3D graphics with ThinBASIC, learn TBGL!
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    Re: thinBasic TBGL Bonus Pro

    Thanks for the update and bundle of all of these very nice scripts. It is nice to know that we can go to one folder and get the latest code to match the current version of thinBasic and eliminate any confusion. Thanks for the assemblage guys!
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