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Thread: PCOPY! #70 Submission Deadline

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    PCOPY! #70 Submission Deadline

    The new deadline is set for March 24th and the release planned during the week after.

    There's still time, but there's no point waiting for the last day ;-). So get cracking folks (your knuckles that is) and start writing up the goods. The earlier the better.

    I have one contribution and planning on a few more. at least.
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    Re: PCOPY! #70 Submission Deadline


    I know I said one time that I will contribute but after reading about the last complains (to much thinBasic) I decided not to do this. I have to much temper to simply ignore these kind of people and think it is better for me then not to contribute to your great magazine at all.

    Good luck with all future issues. You guys do a great job.


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    Re: PCOPY! #70 Submission Deadline


    I understand you feeling but we cannot be loved by all
    We have our idea, other have their ideas and feelings. We cannot listen to all of them if they do not like "too much tB" just for one PCOPY number.

    Maybe the problem is that sometimes ideas are considered too much like a "postulates" so people tend not to change their "stones".
    But who cares. We have our road. Better, we have our roads, many different roads, many different ways of doing things.

    If you have something to write for PCOPY, why not? We just write something about a product we think can be valid or of any help to many others or for whatever reason. If others do not like, they can simply jump it and read something else. Why to care about PCOPY user base. That's a problem of the PCOPY authors ;D They take the responsability of what and how to publish material they get. That's life.

    Anyhow, up to you

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    Re: PCOPY! #70 Submission Deadline

    I agree with eros here Michael.

    We publish what we get and what we write. If readers feel there's too much of one particular language there's not much we can do about that per se. It would be a daunting task to attempt to balance things out by us writing articles about other languages. We could write some, but the bottom line is that we publich what we get in the time interval we give ourselves.

    There's two ways that readers can react to too much contents about one particular language. The first is to write something about the situation like that individual did. I read it more as an observation on his part, not an actual complaint per se. But yeah, they can do that, or they can write something themselves about the language they like. It can be anything about the language at all even if it has no code. A good success story for example, a review, it's all possible.

    I for one don't plan on changing our policies on this. If we get a lot of content about a given compiler (be it thinbasic or any other dialect) in a given amount of time, then that's what goes in, simple as that. Being a multiple BASIC magazine it's the fairest thing we can do. I don't see myself send anyone an email about "well there's enough <BasicDialect> in this issue so your contribution will be posponed to the next issue." to anyone. If it's written, it goes in. What happens if in the next issue, or the one after, we have mostly contents about another language, if we happen to have the language the individual that write that "complaint" happens to like, you think he'd complain then? I don't think so ;-). And that's what I'm saying. hehe.

    If you have something to write, by all means, please do, I don't think it's a fair choice to deprive your community of your contribution for the sake of someone that doesn't use thinbasic. Mr. Spock said it best, the pleasures of the many prevail over the pleasures of the few, or the one. ;-). So go ahead and write, I'll be more than happy to put it in the next issue. If other people want to see contents about more languages, they can write that contents and submit it. We'll put those contributions in too of course. That's what it's all about. I don't care how big PCOPY! gets as far as contents, if I get 12 contributions for each existing dialect in a given time, they all go into the upcoming issue. It's just the way it works.

    I'll write an article about that too in the next issue. But the bottom line, you like a given dialect, you want to write about it, go right ahead, no matter what dialect it is. It's all about sharing your experience and knowledge (depending on the type of article you're writing) with the rest of the readers.

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    Re: PCOPY! #70 Submission Deadline

    The spirit Eros echoes and wonderfully MystikShadows endorses is becoming rarer and rarer in the world. I applaud you guys for your views, stance and actions.
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    Re: PCOPY! #70 Submission Deadline

    Two weeks left till the deadline guys. And counting ;-).

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    Re: PCOPY! #70 Submission Deadline

    Hi peoples.

    We are not dead, actually we are planning to release next issue of PCopy! e-zine (issue #70) at the end of this month.
    All contributions are welcomed, as usual We cant do this with out you folks.

    MystikShadows is a editor in chief for this issue, but e-zine is the same as allways.

    PCopy! website is at and you can contribute articles, editorials, letters, comics, reviews, previews, news and everything to

    Alternative emails;

    E.K.Virtanen, da Mystiks little helper.
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    Re: PCOPY! #70 Submission Deadline

    Hi daThinBasic community.
    There is still time to contribute since real life keeps us busy :P
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