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Thread: Comments and other keys

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    Comments and other keys

    Hi Petr,

    as I'm working on a B3d -> M15 converter I have a few questions:

    1) Can comments in the M15 file appear at anyline, as long they start at the beginning of a line? If yes, would this disturb thinEdge?

    2) If I add new keys to a M15 file, like below, would that distrub thinEdge or the normal loading routines of TBGL?

    This question are more based on curiousity as I plan to have separate files for the bone->Vertex definition and also the animation keys. This way animation could easily be shared as long as the bone structure is the same.


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    Re: Comments and other keys

    Hi Mike,

    #1 Yes, you can add it at any line, except first thinEdge and TBGL loader should not be disturbed at all, they take care of POLY,... lines and few others. If the line does not match, it is skipped. Better to insert comments aftwer "//" or similar special character.

    Dark side is that if you load such a "tuned" file and save in thinEdge, this extra information will get lost.

    #2 Again, no problem. When we arrange this, I can widen the M15 specs and update the specification PDF. What do the parameters mean?

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    Re: Comments and other keys

    Right now it means

    BoneID, BoneName, ParentID, xpos, ypos, zpos, xrot, yrot, zrot.

    But it isn't carved in stone.

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