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Thread: PCopy! #50 is here.

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    PCopy! #50 is here.

    Hi peoples.
    The one and only PCopy! has reached it's 5'th issue.

    In front page of reads next lines;
    "thinBasic is a script language interpreter. It means thinBasic is able to get a script text file as input and execute it on the fly. No compilation, no intermediate code, just plain text file and go, the script is analyzed and executed immediately."

    And right under that sentence, we can see this: All started for passion...

    This aint commercial break for thinBasic, but i just got to say that the whole thinbasic website and specially it's forum does radiate friendly and easy-to-approach feeling which does take you with it.
    PCopy! Issue #50 Nov 16'th 2007: Read - .zip archive.

    Regular Columns:
    * From Our Editing Desk (E.K.Virtanen)
    * Submitting to PCOPY! (Stephane Richard & E.K.Virtanen)
    * Letters To The Editors (Mixed Contributors)
    * Letters To The Hartnell (Mixed Contributors)
    * In The News (Mixed Contributors)
    * Exit Issue (E.K.Virtanen)

    * About PCopy! (E.K.Virtanen)
    *The mindset problem (Bill Williams)
    * Interview with Eros Olmi (E.K.Virtanen)

    Reviews & Presentations:
    * VIXEN: An XBLITE GUI Generator (Guy (gl) Lonné)
    * Introducing Fatal Method Games (FMG)
    * More about smallBasic (Chris Warren-Smith)
    * 3D graphics in thinBASIC: (Petr Schreiber)

    Tutorials & HowTo's:
    * Coding Functions: (Guy (gl) Lonné)

    Something funny should read here?

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    Re: PCopy! #50 is here.


    congratulations on completing next issue!
    I will read through it during next days more in depth, but looks good!


    P.S. In my article there is "/p>" which should not be there, on the end. Could it be corrected? I know it is just tiny detail
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    Re: PCopy! #50 is here.

    Hi E.K.,

    great issue you have there. Many thanks to all the contributers.

    Best wishes

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    Re: PCopy! #50 is here.

    I just skimmed through the latest issue and I am very excited to have time this weekend to kick back and enjoy reading it in detail. Looks like a wonderful mix of articles, congratulations on getting this copy out and I hope many many more to come in the future.
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    Re: PCopy! #50 is here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Psch
    P.S. In my article there is "/p>" which should not be there, on the end. Could it be corrected? I know it is just tiny detail
    Hi and yes. I hate those little irritating things myself too But when you look that page and refresh it like 8 to 10 hours, you go blind with them. Thats what happened to me.
    I will fix it just as few other bugs i have informed about. But ill do it after work. I should be there in 25 minutes which mean i am allready late lol.
    So if you find some bugs or nasty spelling errors, please let me know in here, thorugh pm or email. Thanks,

    Thank you for everyone for nice words. Now to work -->

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