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Thread: glcreateshader not supported !

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    glcreateshader not supported !

    In the thgl pack there are examples under shaders. I keep getting messages like "glcreateshader not supported" and a few others similar to this one.

    What does this message mean?


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    Re: glcreateshader not supported !

    It just means that your Graphics card hasn't got the capacity to use Shaders.

    When Petr first made the examples I experienced the same problems with my crappy graphics card, lol.
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    Re: glcreateshader not supported !


    I am sorry it does not work for you, but shaders are really more advanced things. This is reason they are not native in TBGL ( pure TBGL code should run in any PC ).
    That sample uses TBGL + OpenGL headers. That means total power, but also this compatibility issues .

    To enjoy shaders, you would have to own card with OpenGL 1.5 at least, if I am correct.
    Do you know which card do you have ? If not, you can use script from here.

    What are shaders ? They are mini programs, executed/interpreted in driver, which allow you to go around fixed function limitations of API ( OpenGL ). They have very general use - alternative shading ( per pixel lights, toon shading, ... ) and much more.

    Feature worth upgrading if you are graphics enthusiatist / lunatic

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    Re: glcreateshader not supported !

    [wiki=Shader]Shader[/wiki] | |
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