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Thread: LOG: new module idea

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    LOG: new module idea

    Hi all,

    I have the idea to develop a new module in charge of creating text log files.
    Ok, log files can be easily created with FILE_APPEND function but I would like something more complex and standardized.
    By "more complex" I mean something able to be configured and forget, for example, open log, check log, append log, set log output format, write output, write in memory, write to file, write to windows log, ... so many ways to handle data inside logs (just brainstorming).

    Do you know if there are some guide lines for creating text log files?

    Of course, if someone would like to get this job I will be happy, otherwise I will develop it during spare time (spare time??? do I have some? ).

    Thanks a lot
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    Re: LOG: new module idea

    Eros, with file append, ini module and xml module we have many very nice ways of saving out to a text file.
    I think this is a good idea, but not a priority, but for down the road it will be icing on the cake. On the other hand I am not running in an environment, as you guys are in IT, I know log files are important, since thinBasic started out for you guys to make life easier and you think it will, then by all means a great idea!
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    Re: LOG: new module idea

    For it would not be important, as i can live with simple selfmade textfiles. But like Kryton said, surely icing on the cake.

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    Re: LOG: new module idea

    I've given this a lot of thought and..... I like the idea a lot. One thing I'd like to try is to write a .ini editor. I think it would work best if we had a treeview but I'm sure that is not absolutely necessary.


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