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Thread: COM: new forum for COM scripts

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    COM: new forum for COM scripts

    I've started a new forum where to talk about COM module made by Roberto.
    This module can have great importance for the many possible future implementations and interfaces with the many COM objects Windows (and other software developers) give to the users.

    You should have already some few COM example under \thinBasic\SampleScripts\COM\ directory.
    But here I would like to show something new. A way to add support for ATL in thinBasic scripts and interfacing loaded object with thinBasic COM module.

    For the momont it is all quite at initial level but I can see many possible implementations if we will be able to interface with COM objects loaded inside ATL container.
    As a starter, see attached example where an ATL container is used to host a Flash component. Than COM module is used to change Flash COM server property "Movie" to load a SWF file from internet. You need to be connected to internet for this example to work. Flash games are loaded from arcade page (hope they will excuse us) and other web sites. Very easily you can add your own: just add a new command, link it to a menu and manage its url in window message pump.

    Have fun and tell us what you think.
    More examples will come.

    Attention: some [wiki=Memory_leak]Memory_leak[/wiki] or in some cases [wiki=GPF]GPF[/wiki] can happen but ATL should work on any Win2K or above OS.
    In my tests nothing went wrong so far but I just tested under WinXP Sp2.

    For reference about ATL:
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    Re: COM: new forum for COM scripts

    Wow, that is really amazing Eros!!!
    This is alien technology that is very advanced and super powerful
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