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Thread: thinBasic, like PHP?

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    Re: thinBasic, like PHP?

    I have been experimenting with CGI about half an year ago, as I did some experiments regarding its use to automate

    It worked well, as long as you use GET method of passing parameters.

    But when I used POST method, CGI_GetQueryValue("name", %CGI_REQUEST_METHOD_POST) did not return anything and Gets() entered the infinite loop on the server.

    In my opinion, ThinBASIC, with its string handling, is good candidate for solid PHP alternative, but it would require having person who could dedicate time to maintain the module. Ideally with previous long time CGI experience, which I am not.

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    Re: thinBasic, like PHP?

    Personally I have no problem to publish CGI module as sources but I had no authorization from Roberto to release it to the public so maybe someone else can hand over it.
    Unfortunately he just gave to me the authorization to publish as compiled module.
    CGI is 100% Roberto module code so I need his OK.

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    Re: thinBasic, like PHP?

    While you're waiting for thinBASIC to support CGI, ScrptBasic is a easy way to write CGI scripts. You can use scriba (command line interpreter) or use the ScriptBasic HTTP multithreaded application server. (standalone or as a proxy to Apache) It could be a great way to learn CGI programming without all the work.

    Here is an example of using scriba for a Hello World CGI program.

    #! /usr/bin/scriba -c
    INCLUDE cgi.bas
    OPTION cgi$Method cgi::Get
    cgi::Header(200, "text/html")
    a = "Hello World !"
    PRINT """
    <title>ScriptBasic CGI</title>
    PRINT "<h1>" & a & "</h1>\n"
    PRINT """
    ScriptBasic Project Manager
    Project Site

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