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Thread: Insignias, Emblems and Logos

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    Re: Insignias, Emblems and Logos

    I gave him a tool, and he run's. Superb job Kent. I love them all, only the black and gray versions are to dull. Difficult to decide which once are the best.

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    Re: Insignias, Emblems and Logos

    Thanks Mike, you got the ball rolling and thanks for using inkscape. It forced me to install it and to finally learn how to use it. I just usually get lazy and use the gimp or image ready. But inkscape is the right tool definitly for this sort of thing.

    I think if we just make them as they come to us to have a huge catalog to choose from it will be great. No need to pick any one design as they all have great things about them. Just whatever fits the space or mood trying to get across.

    The black and grey ones I do, mean they can be colorized to any tone we need. I was going to make them all that way, but got bored with just greys so put some color in. It is easy to go from greys to colors.

    I got another question but will post it in the story area where it belongs.

    It is really nice working with other creative people for sure as we seem to inspire each other and it is so much nicer to share the workload, well funload!!

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    Re: Insignias, Emblems and Logos


    pefect work guys !
    The logos in shades of gray does look nice, but Mike is true it would be hard to recognize them from large distance. It could lead to shooting your firends

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    Re: Insignias, Emblems and Logos

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