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Thread: CGI Module questions

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    CGI Module questions

    Hello, I was wondering exactly how do I use the Gets/CGI_Read command to get arguments from ThinBasic when it's used as a web scripting language? I had tried to use this before to create a System Administration Panel for my computer so that I could tell it to shutdown and stuff like that when I put a argument into the address. Can anyone provide me with the information to do use the Gets/CGI_Read command to get arguments passed to the script from the address? ???

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    Re: CGI Module questions

    Hi ShadowEO,

    what you mean with get arguments from ThinBasic, read a variable value (declared in the script) or retrive the parameters from script command line?
    With the CGI_Read function (Gets it's just an alias of CGI_Read) you read data from standard input that is normally whatever coming from GET or POST method.
    However now I can't but tomorrow I will see to supply you some example (at least I'll try).


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    Re: CGI Module questions

    See CGI_GetQueryValue function.
    This will read a variable from POST or GET method.

    '---Do something
    END IF

    And your url can be something like:

    Till now very few asked about CGI module. Let me know if it works.
    What web server are you using? IIS version ?

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    Re: CGI Module questions

    Thank you very much, I forgot I posted here XDDD and I was using Abyss X1.

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