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Thread: thinBundle Destination Folder

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    thinBundle Destination Folder

    Hi Roberto,

    I've tried ThinBundle in new preview 21/03/07 and can confirm that it is indeed working Ok with obfuscated flag on.

    Just one thing, don't know if bug, whenever I set destination folder for the bundle - it seems to end up being located in the ThinAir folder...
    I'm using thinbundle from the icon in ThinAir with no programs loaded and the script I select together with all needed files and dll's is located in a folder on Windows Desktop.

    Anyhow the bundle works OK as in previous version.

    catventure. - Home Of The ThinBasic Adventure Builder Project. (Interactive Fiction/Text Adventure Maker)

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    Re: thinBundle Destination Folder

    Hi Catventure,

    the destination folder it's (or better should be) where the bundle executable extracts the scripts, DLLs and other file.
    If you start the bundle from ThinAir's bundle icon the executable will be always created on ThiAir's folder, instead if you start the bundle from script (also from ThinAir with the go icon) the executable will be create on the script folder.
    I can add a bundle creation folder (or executable folder) on bundle so you can specify the output folder where bundle the executable will be create. Please let me know what do you think.


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    Re: thinBundle Destination Folder


    adding an output folder is perfect and nice addition.
    In any case I think that default output dir should be taken from directory of main script path.

    What do you think?

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    Re: thinBundle Destination Folder

    I agree 100%, also it's a simple thing to do.


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    Re: thinBundle Destination Folder


    the BUNDLE CREATION FOLDER edit box on bundle dialog for specify where the bundle executable should be created, and added the Bundle_SetCreationFolder function to thinbasic_bundle.dll module.


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    Re: thinBundle Destination Folder

    That's great! good work Roberto.

    catventure - Home Of The ThinBasic Adventure Builder Project. (Interactive Fiction/Text Adventure Maker)

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