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Thread: Download multiple files / pages from internet?

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    Download multiple files / pages from internet?

    Imagine you have to download multiple pages from internet. Some files, some pages, some FTP ...
    Here an example you can amend as you prefer.

    Create a text file with the following lines and name it "Sites.txt".
    It will contain the list of the downloads you need to perform. Just an example:

    And this is the thinBasic script
    [code=thinbasic] Uses "File" '---Load File module needed for File_Load function
    Uses "iNet" '---Load iNet module needed for iNet_UrlDownload function

    '---Loads all file lines
    DIM Sites AS STRING = File_Load(App_SourcePath & "Sites.txt")

    '---Determine the number of lines

    '---This function will parse the input string for $CRLF delimiters
    ' filling and dimensioning sLines array
    DIM sLines() AS STRING
    PARSE Sites, sLines, $CRLF

    '---Now scan the array in order to find whatever string
    ' If string is found, corresponding line will be appended
    ' to output buffer
    DIM Count AS LONG
    FOR Count = 1 TO nLines
    Ret = INET_URLDownLoad(sLines(Count), APP_SOURCEPATH + "FileOut" & Count & ".txt")
    IF Ret <> %TRUE THEN
    msgbox(0, "Error code for line " & Count & ": " + Ret)
    END IF

    MSGBOX 0, "End of the script"
    [/code] | |
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    Re: Download multiple files / pages from internet?

    That's really good, I never knew that thinBASIC could do those kind of things.
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    Re: Download multiple files / pages from internet?

    Hi Matthew,

    there are a lot of things that ThinBASIC is able to do easily, unfortunatly it take a lot of time develop, document and maintain them so often there ins't time left to show how to ... make with ThinBasic.
    I think that it should be a very good thing have an online script repository where user can search script ready to use or code to adapt, but for now this ins't our first priority target.


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    Re: Download multiple files / pages from internet?

    That is a great idea Roberto, and maybe a wiki should be used for this. You guys can have all the help keywords as an outline and then users who scripts that would be good examples of useage of those keywords could put up their scripts.

    Or setup a way to upload a script and have a utility that scans all the keywords used and uses them as tags to help find useage of that command.
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    Re: Download multiple files / pages from internet?

    Hi guys,

    I think there is way to do it, but it has not been used for ages:


    EDIT: Eros was faster in other thread
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    Re: Download multiple files / pages from internet?

    Yes, I think the scripts repository should be used for this. I will try to add stuff too!

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