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Thread: PCOPY! Issue #40 Is Now Available.

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    PCOPY! Issue #40 Is Now Available.

    PCopy! #40 presents: new .css file and some real cool contributions.

    Regular Columns:
    From Our Editing Desk
    Submitting to PCOPY!
    Letters To The Editors
    Quote Of The Month
    In The News
    Exit Issue

    Special Corners:
    The Useless Corner
    Contest : The Dumbest Game

    Reviews And Presentations:
    Introducing Yabasic
    Introductory Article On XBLite
    About thinBasic
    Epic Crusade

    A piece of history: Star Trek Game
    The Evolution Of BASIC

    Programming Simulation Games
    Basic4GL Tutorial: Tile Maps
    Introduction to the FreeBasic Extended Types
    Simulating Polymorphic Methods...
    FreeBASIC File/Folder Management

    Contributors: MystikShadows, E.K. Virtanen, Hartnell, Richard D. Clark, Guy (gl) Lonné, Eros Olmi, Linkage, Jare

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    Re: PCOPY! Issue #40 Is Now Available.

    I would like to thanks all people here that helped me in the published article about thinBasic. Thanks to: Petr, Ken, Mike.
    Of course a big thanks also to PCopy team for their kind offer and for the great job they are doing for more general BASIC language community.
    I hope this article will help us to improve thinBasic community too.


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    Re: PCOPY! Issue #40 Is Now Available.

    Oh :-)..well thank you very much for this Eros, greatly appreciated :-).
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    Re: PCOPY! Issue #40 Is Now Available.

    Thanks ErosOlmi. We are worth of this honor, you can count for that

    Issue #50 is next one, lets not forget it. One month is not so long after all, so better start to plan whats coming for next issue.
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    Re: PCOPY! Issue #40 Is Now Available.

    MystikShadows, Virtanen,

    I wish to congratulate with you for PCOPY! magazine, optimal the contents and good readability, indeed a plum job!
    Only I am a bit curious about the name and its origin.


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    Re: PCOPY! Issue #40 Is Now Available.

    I think I can answer this question. Originally, when another basic project surfaced, I've been trying to get the development team to have the PCOPY statement (think QB and family's PCOPY which works in text mode screen as well as graphics). It didn't work in text mode. So I suggested it.

    After seemingly no effort to implement it, the magazine was in the making, and I figured, "hmm...let's make this magazine my friend continuous suggestion to that team for a PCOPY statement in the BASIC dialect ;-).

    I added a ! at the end of PCOPY making it PCOPY! because as a magazine, adding a ! typically means "get it while it's hot" so to speak. kinda like "extra extra read all about it!" as in, read all about it, NOW! hehe...Hence PCOPY! saw the light of day :-).
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    Re: PCOPY! Issue #40 Is Now Available.


    nice to see new issue.
    It will take me a while to read it all ( especially when I find thinBASIC article I have inclination to FOR / NEXT on it :P )

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    Re: PCOPY! Issue #40 Is Now Available.

    Looks like lots of interesting reading in the coming days, I like the look too!
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