a company has many external agents with an offline software used to collect orders. Program is offline because orders are quite big (hundred of lines are possible) and because agents are moving around the territory. How to exchange data with the main site? How to send updated from the main site to external offline applications?


thinbasic can be used with FTP module.
When the external agent is ready to send orders or whatever data to the main site, a thinBasic script will take case to:
  • if needed, execute internet connection
  • connect to main site FTP server
  • authenticate user
  • send all the ready to be sent files to main site
  • download all files ready to be received
  • disconnect from the server
  • run local data update procedures
  • warning the external user about any message

In this example, due to data reservation and sensible data for FTP connection, thinBasic scripts are obfuscated. No one will be able to see what the script does.