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Thread: thinBasic interface under IBasic language

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    thinBasic interface under IBasic language

    thinBasic allows IBasic programmers to develop their own thinBasic modules. Modules are special dll that are loaded dynamically by thinBasic engine during scripts execution. Modules can be used to implement new thinBasic functionalities adding new keywords to the language or interfacing extenal programs.
    We provide static thinIB.lib that you could link into your own thinBasic Module.

    Plase find here attached interface file with a simple module example.

    Feel free to ask here in case of any question on module development.

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    Re: thinBasic interface under IBasic language

    I should add that this only works with IBPro and not iBasic Standard, just downloaded and checked to make sure and I only have Standard, so I am sure that is the case now.
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    Re: thinBasic interface under IBasic language

    Hi Roberto,

    what is the job of th thinIB.lib file that needs to be put into the lib folder of IBP? I understand that the thinCore.lib file is to interface with the thinCore.DLL, but thinIB.lib? When I remove it from the sample project in the IBP SDK, I can still compile it and the sample thinBasic script runs.


    Edit: Ok I saw that it was used in the

    I was trying to update the include file but as I don't know what this thinIB.lib is for, I wait till Roberto responds.

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    Re: thinBasic interface under IBasic language

    That sounds very interesting for me becose i use IbStandard(CBasic).

    PS. I forget download file

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    Re: thinBasic interface under IBasic language

    Hm i'm not sure if is that error or mistake?
    Uops this is for IBpro
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    Re: thinBasic interface under IBasic language

    Yes, The topic title is a little missleading.

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