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Thread: Installation Inno-vation

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    Installation Inno-vation


    I like your installer, and I have just few suggestions.

    Maybe I suggested earlier, but it seems, that all versions of thinBASIC are visible in Add/Remove programs as just "thinbasic". Maybe version number added could be more informative ( I'v now at least 8 "thinbasic"s there )

    I'm not much experienced in coding installation using Inno setup, but I think installer could check the necessity of "Key activation"

    "Place thinAir shortcut on desktop" and "View latest changes" could be added to the last frame of installation

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    Installation Inno-vation


    installation duplication is strange. I've tested under WinMe too and I thought only one thinBasic line was present into Add/Remove. I will check again. I should have missed something. I will double check again.

    Activation: not so sure I will be able to do. Program have to check not only the presence of the key (quite easy) but validity, impossible from inside installation process. I will talk with Roberto about that.

    thinAir ShortCut: I can add a checkbox to do this job. I will do.

    Thanks a lot.
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