I have strange error when making bundle the process works without complaints until ends
When I run the bundled exe an instant error message appears

Error Code : 12000
Error Info : Obfuscated script not valid.
Additional Info : Decript Error code: 3

I did not make use of obfuscation, the script itself runs well from tBasic-file and does not prompt any errors

Now i have a minimal "working example" to reproduce it -
running the bundled exe always stops with that message

Uses "Console"

dword hData = heap_alloc(1024)

type whatever
	b as Byte
	c as currency 
	d as double 
End Type

string sKey = "whatever"
string s_End = "SKEY"

	printl sKey

PrintL "Just print something in Console Screen."
PrintL "Press a key to end program"

'---Wait for a key press