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Thread: i have made 2 other posts with almost the same question...poof

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    i have made 2 other posts with almost the same question...poof

    i have made 2 other posts with almost the same question...poof

    i dont know what is happening. i thought maybe the first onn did go though before i closed the browser, I am not sure now.
    the second post with the same help request but i had made some progress, also is not showing.
    then just to see if i am crazy i post just a few words as a test. it works.
    I am in the dark. did the internet eat those posts or are they in some limbo?
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    Sorry but during recent days there have been a lot of spam in forum.
    I even had to close user registration due to automatic bot bypassing any security measure we have.
    Also increased post spam sensitivity

    Your post was in moderation status, I've just activated it and you should see it
    Will have a look later | |
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    well in reply to myself about the second post with code....

    I have tried to strip down the types to just 1 and the function pointer that enumfontfamiliesEx uses to point to the call back.

    it doesnt work. i dont have something wright. 'i can see that the type gets its setting (that stopped working in the longer code, could not figure out why. so i stripped it down) then the call to the enum function and nothing happens. mybe someone can give me an idea about whats happening.

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