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Thread: Does anyone have the knowledge and toolchain to build from source?

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    hello primo
    the Windows build source is from I used VS 2022
    btw, if you are interested in using the pcre2 library you may want to take a look at the FreeBASIC example that's included in it's distribution, you will find the example in examples\regex\PCRE
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    Hi Jack, thanks a lot i will test it in a moment

    for working with tb the 32-bit version of pcre2grep will serve at the moment to produce a tool to use from thinAir (commandline with some UI-wrapper)

    After some more detailled study i will find out if (32 bit of course) can be implemented to become a module for tb to use the regEx from script.
    I think there are missing some Forum-sections as beta-testing and support

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    hello ReneMiner
    here's the 32-bit version of pcre2-win-build-10.43
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