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Thread: Windows 11 Update Troubles? Here's How to Fix Them

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    Windows 11 Update Troubles? Here's How to Fix Them

    How can I resolve the issue of being unable to update Windows 11 21H2 or install any Microsoft features/products? I have tried all the common solutions, such as running the troubleshooter, resetting the network, and manually downloading the updates, but none of them worked. I also do not have any programs or services that could interfere with the update process. Here are some screenshots of the error messages I get:

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    Dear ElliottImart (human???),

    you did 2 posts here about technsight.

    I've tried your technsight web site asking about "thinBasic" but there is nothing there.

    I've nothing against helping each other but please add some info about thinBasic in your site and I will be happy to have your posts here.
    Otherwise I will ban your account and remove all your posts from thinBasic forum.

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