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Thread: Forum fake user registrations

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    Exclamation Forum fake user registrations

    Recently there was an increase of fake user registration in thinBasic forum.
    Every day 10 to 20 bots are able to register but not to activate the mail

    This forum implements a protection system that verify if user name or user IP or user email being used to register are known as spammer or bot getting data from a remote database.
    But it seems there are some intelligent bots that are able to register, activate the mail, and also make a post that seems very "human".
    Usually in response to old forum thread or even make a new post with questions related to thinBasic language.

    To try to reduce those events I've added a new dummy question during user registration and user profile change.
    New dummy question asks new user to choose from a combo box one word from a list.
    Any word is valid but it is not a text field easy to be filled but a combo box that should be a little more difficult to be selected from a bot.

    Let's see it this will make any difference in next days.

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