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Thread: Collision question with Print message

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    Collision question with Print message

    Hey Petr

    I have a question If its possible in General to Print a Message During a Game is running Like a Word AS "collision"
    Just before or at the Same time when an object Hit another object Here laser weapon to obstacle... Or obstacles against space ship

    I am asking because I have a Pong Game (oxygen) and would Like to make a short Message that the ball Hits the Paddle in my example...

    How would you Insert this "collision" Message to your funspace Shooter Game?
    Thanks in advance Frank

      '=         Simple space shooter, one of the first thinBASIC games :)         =
      '=                                                                           =
      '=                           Petr Schreiber, 2007                            =
      #DEFAULT BOUNDCHECK OFF     ' -- For maximum speed
      Uses "TBGL"
      Dim i As Long
      Dim hWnd as dword
      ' Lasers
      type tLasers
        X     as double
        Y     as double
        Z     as double
        S     as double
      end type
      %NUMLASERS = 10
      Dim Laser(%NUMLASERS) As tLasers
      dim LaserIndex as long
      ' Obstacles to shoot
      type tObstacles
        X     as double
        Y     as double
        Z     as double
        S     as double  
      end type
      Dim Obstacle(%NUMOBSTACLES) As tObstacles
      ' Player
      Dim PlayerX, PlayerY As Single
      Dim FlameSize as single
      ' Speed control
      Dim FrameRate as double
      ' Game statistics
      Dim Score As Long, Life As Long, GameOver As Long, HitColl as long
      Life = 100
      %PLAYERSHIP = 1
      %WORMHOLE   = 2
      MsgBox hWnd, "Welcome to the Space Shooter game"+$CRLF+$CRLF+"You have to control the small space ship inside terrible wormhole"+$CRLF+"You have too shoot obstacles as well" _
                   +$CRLF+"Use ARROWS and SPACEBAR to move and shoot, to quit game push ESC", %MB_OK or %MB_ICONINFORMATION, "Space Shooter"
      hWnd = TBGL_CreateWindowex("Space Shooter - press ESC to quit", 640, 480, 32, %TBGL_WS_WINDOWED)   ' Let's create window
      TBGL_ShowWindow                     ' Shows the window
      TBGL_LoadBMPFont APP_SourcePath+"Textures\TBGL_Font.bmp", 30        ' This loads font
      TBGL_NewList %PLAYERSHIP            ' Using display lists we can get better performance
      TBGL_NewList %WORMHOLE
        TBGL_Color 0,0,64
        For i = 1 to 20                   ' The wormhole effect is quite complex, so "precaching" it using display list is wise
            TBGL_Translate sin(timer+i),cos(timer+i),-i*2
            TBGL_Rotate 90,1,0,0
            TBGL_Torus 0.8,5
      For i = 1 To %NUMOBSTACLES
      TBGL_LineWidth 3
      ' We declare the use of 2 lights
      TBGL_UseLightSource %GL_LIGHT0, %TRUE
      TBGL_UseLightSource %GL_LIGHT1, %TRUE
      TBGL_UseLighting %TRUE
      TBGL_ResetKeyState()        ' Resets key status before keypress checking
      while tbgl_IsWindow(hWnd)
          TBGL_PolygonLook iif(tbgl_GetWindowKeyState(hWnd, %VK_tab), %GL_LINE, %GL_FILL)
        '---Script will run on different PCs so we must assure
        '---constant speed of movement by scaling movement relative to framerate
        FrameRate = tbgl_GetFrameRate
       TBGL_ClearFrame             ' Prepares clear frame
       TBGL_Camera 0,0,5,0,0,0     ' Setups camera
        TBGL_PushMatrix              ' The wormhole is rotating...
          TBGL_Rotate GetTickCount/10,0,0,1
          TBGL_CallList %WORMHOLE
          TBGL_Translate PlayerX, PlayerY, 0
          TBGL_Rotate GetTickCount/20,0,0,-1
          TBGL_CallList %PLAYERSHIP 
          TBGL_Color rnd*255,rnd*128,0
          FlameSize = rnd
          TBGL_UseBlend %TRUE
          TBGL_Translate 0,0,FlameSize/2
          drawElipsoid 0.05+rnd*0.05,0.05+rnd*0.05,FlameSize
          TBGL_UseBlend %FALSE
        TBGL_SetupLightSource %GL_LIGHT1, Laser(LaserIndex).x, Laser(LaserIndex).y, Laser(LaserIndex).z, 128, 0, 0, 255
        TBGL_SetupLightSource %GL_LIGHT0, PlayerX+5, PlayerY+5, 0, 128, 128, 128, 255
        TBGL_UseBlend %TRUE
        TBGL_Color 255,255,0
        TBGL_PrintBMP "Score:"+FORMAT$(Score),0,0, %TBGL_ALIGN_LEFT_UP
        TBGL_PrintBMP "Life :"+FORMAT$(Life)+"%",0,1,%TBGL_ALIGN_LEFT_UP
        TBGL_PrintBMP "collision :"+FORMAT$(hitcoll)+"%",0,2,%TBGL_ALIGN_LEFT_UP
        TBGL_UseBlend %FALSE
        TBGL_DrawFrame                ' Swaps the buffers - displays rendered image
        ' Controls test
        if tbgl_GetWindowKeyState( hWnd, %VK_UP) then
          PlayerY = PlayerY + 2/FrameRate
          If PlayerY > 1.8 Then PlayerY = 1.8
        elseif tbgl_GetWindowKeyState( hWnd, %VK_DOWN) then
          PlayerY = PlayerY - 2/FrameRate
          If PlayerY < -1.8 Then PlayerY = -1.8
        end if
        if tbgl_GetWindowKeyState( hWnd, %VK_RIGHT) then
          PlayerX = PlayerX + 2/FrameRate
          If PlayerX > 2 Then PlayerX = 2
        elseif tbgl_GetWindowKeyState( hWnd, %VK_LEFT) then
          PlayerX = PlayerX - 2/FrameRate
          If PlayerX < -2 Then PlayerX = -2
        end if
        if tbgl_GetWindowKeyOnce( hWnd, %VK_SPACE) then Shoot()
        if tbgl_GetWindowKeyState( hWnd, %VK_ESCAPE) OR GameOver = 1 then EXIT WHILE
      TBGL_DestroyWindow                 ' Closes OpenGL window
      Function drawElipsoid( x as single, y as single, z as single ) as long
          TBGL_Scale x, y, z
          TBGL_Sphere 1
      End Function
      Function RenderShip() As Long
          TBGL_Color 128,128,128
          drawElipsoid 0.25, 0.3, 1
          TBGL_Translate 0,0,0.5
          TBGL_Color 128,0,0
          drawElipsoid 0.05,0.75,0.25
          TBGL_Rotate 90,0,0,1
          drawElipsoid 0.05,0.75,0.25
            TBGL_Translate 0,0,0.45
            TBGL_Rotate 90,1,0,0
            TBGL_Torus 0.02,0.1
      End Function
      ' Lasers
      Function Shoot() As Long
        INCR LaserIndex
        IF LaserIndex > %NUMLASERS THEN LaserIndex = 1
        Laser(LaserIndex).x = PlayerX
        Laser(LaserIndex).y = PlayerY
        Laser(LaserIndex).z = -1
        Laser(LaserIndex).s = 15
      End Function
      Function RenderLasers() As Long
        Local i, j As Long
        TBGL_Color 0,255,0
        For i = 1 TO %NUMLASERS
          If Laser(i).s = 0 Then Exit For
          Laser(i).z =Laser(i).z - Laser(i).s / FrameRate
            TBGL_Translate Laser(i).x, Laser(i).y, Laser(i).z
            TBGL_BeginPoly %GL_LINES
              TBGL_Vertex 0,0,0
              TBGL_Vertex 0,0,-1
           static flag as integer 
           flag = 5
          ' Very simple collison detection with the boxes
          For j = 1 to %NUMOBSTACLES
            'if not flag > 5 Then
    '        print "collision" 'only a short message to print above
            'end if 
            If Laser(i).x < Obstacle(j).x+1 And Laser(i).x > Obstacle(j).x-1 AND _
               Laser(i).z < Obstacle(j).z+1 And Laser(i).z > Obstacle(j).z-1 AND _
               Laser(i).y < Obstacle(j).y+1 And Laser(i).y > Obstacle(j).y-1 THEN
                 Score = Score + 100
            End If
      End Function
      Function InitObstacle( index As Long ) As Long
          Obstacle(index).x = rnd(-2,2)
          Obstacle(index).y = rnd(-2,2)
          Obstacle(index).z = rnd(-90,-100)
          Obstacle(index).s = rnd(5,7)
      End Function
      Function RenderObstacles() As Long
        Local i As Long
        TBGL_Color 128,0,0  
        For i = 1 To %NUMOBSTACLES
          Obstacle(i).z = Obstacle(i).z + Obstacle(i).s / FrameRate
          If Obstacle(i).z > 0 Then initObstacle(i)
          ' Very simple collison detection with the player
          If Obstacle(i).x < PlayerX+1 And Obstacle(i).x > PlayerX-1 AND _
             Obstacle(i).y < PlayerY+1 And Obstacle(i).y > PlayerY-1 AND _
             Obstacle(i).z > -2 THEN
               Life = Life - 10
               IF Life <= 0 Then GameOver = 1
          End If
            TBGL_Translate Obstacle(i).x, Obstacle(i).y, Obstacle(i).z
            TBGL_Rotate timer*100,1,1,1
            TBGL_Box 1,1,1
      End Function
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