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Thread: May I suggest a little thing.

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    May I suggest a little thing.

    Hi Eros and Petr.

    I was reading Rene's last post and your answers.
    Petr saying that an improve in
    Left$ / Right$
    may be interesting. . . . . . OK. ...

    If you modify functions, and update the help pages for these function, I suggest you add in these pages a timestamp and the version of ThinBasic concerned by this modification.
    This may help, when reading these pages to emphasis the modification and, perhaps, to modify our own scrips.


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    Yes, good idea. I will do

    Usually when we modify a thinBasic functionality already developed we try to keep backward compatibility and if we are not able we tend to create a new functionality.
    We use thinBasic every day (me at work) and we are conscious not to create problems to programmers.
    But yes, adding info a bout thinBasic version and a timestamp would be nice and clear.
    More work but nice to have. | |
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