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    I just installed Microsoft Internet Information Services on my Windows 10 so that I can start exploring the CGI module (chatGPT is making me do it). I am completely ignorant about this stuff. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    CGI module is a very very old module we developed when we thought thinBasic could be used as server side web programming language.
    More or less like php.

    Sincerely are many years we do not check if it is still working or not.
    Never tested under IIS but the idea is to configure it like php.exe for .php pages but using thinbasicc.exe (console version of thinBasic able to handle standard input and standard output) for .tbasic pages (or other extension) in the IIS config.

    Anyway I think it is not worth spending too much time because if something is not working we will not have time to implement for the moment. | |
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