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Thread: Invoking thinBasic from Powershell

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    Invoking thinBasic from Powershell

    I just successfully ran my first program (Hello World, of course). I did it in thinAir, but I want to know how to invoke the interpreter directly from Powershell, since I will normally be using the SFPLite editor. Forgive me for such a basic question. I'm coming from the Linux world, so everything in Windows is a little foreign to me still.

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    Never mind, I figured it out. Believe it or not, chatGPT knew the answer. But I should to add thinBasic to my PATH variable.

    For anyone reading this in the future, in PowerShell you use the Get-Process cmdlet:

    Get-Process "\Path\to\thinBasic.exe" "myfile.tbasic"


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    I will add info in thinBasic help manual.

    Yes, ChatGPT knows about thinBasic more than me ... ahahahahahah | |
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