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Thread: CSV Parsing Module using OOP

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    CSV Parsing Module using OOP

    Testing OOP in a CSV parsing Module

    Uses "console"
    'testing oop to create a CSV parsing module
    Type ParseCsv
      mainstring as string
      Delimiter As String  
      posString as long
    Function _Create(ByVal txt_in As String) As Long
        End Function
    Function Chg_ParseCVS(ByVal txt_in As String)
        End Function
    Function ParseInsert (index As Long ) As String
      'add delimiter position inside string ParseInsert("aa,bb,cc", "," ,2) would give aa,,bb,cc
      if (index > 0)  then 
        if (index > parsecount(me.mainstring,me.delimiter) + 1) Then
          function =me.mainstring
          exit function
        end if 
        index= index -1
        if index = 0 then 
          function = me.delimiter + me.mainstring
          exit function 
        end if  
        me.posString = instr(1,me.mainstring, me.delimiter,index)
        if me.posString=0 Then
          me.mainString = me.mainString+me.delimiter
          '? me.mainString
          me.mainString=mid$(me.mainstring,1,me.posString-1) + me.delimiter +  mid$(me.mainstring,me.posString )   
          '? me.mainString
        end if
        '? ? me.mainString
        exit Function
      end if     
    End Function
    Function ParseDelete(index AS Long) AS String
             'deletes a indexed position inside string
        dim Cnt  AS Long
        dim cntMinusDelimiter as long
        Local Txt AS String
        If Len(me.MainString) = 0 Then
            exit function
            'Function = me.MainString  
            Cnt = instr(1,me.MainString,me.delimiter,index)
            Txt = Parse$(me.MainString, me.delimiter, index)
            if cnt=0 then
               me.MainString =mid$(me.MainString,1,cntMinusDelimiter)
              me.MainString =mid$(me.MainString,1,cntMinusDelimiter) + mid$(me.MainString,Cnt+len(me.delimiter)) 
            end if
        End If
    End Function
    Function ParseReplace( ByVal iPos AS Long, ByVal sNewString AS String) AS String
    'from William Burns
       Local iCount   AS Long
       Local sTextOut AS String
       If Len(me.mainstring) = 0 Then
          Function = me.mainstring  'just return same string on errors
          For iCount = 1 To ParseCount(me.mainstring, me.delimiter)
             If iCount = iPos Then   'is this the one we want to switch?
                sTextOut = sTextOut + sNewString + me.delimiter
                sTextOut = sTextOut + Parse$(me.mainstring, me.delimiter, iCount) + me.delimiter
             End If
          Next iCount
          me.mainstring = Left$(sTextOut,Len(sTextOut)-Len(me.delimiter))  'remove traling delimiter
       End If
    End Function
    function PrintOut()
          PrintL " mainstring :", Me.mainstring
    End function
    function ToVariable()as string
          function = Me.mainstring
    End function
    function parseNew(index as long) as string
       function = Parse$(me.mainstring,me.delimiter,index)
    end function
    function parseCnt() as long
      function = parsecount(me.mainstring,me.delimiter)
    end function
    end type
    dim main as string
    Dim c1 As ParseCsv("aa,bb,cc")  'CSV string (comma delimited)
    c1.ParseInsert(2)   'insert delimiter into aa,bb,cc like aa,,bb,cc
    c1.ParseReplace(2,"dfa")  'puts dfa into aa,,bb,cc like aa,dfa,bb,cc
    c1.ParseDelete(2)        'deletes the second delimited field
    main = c1.ToVariable()   'retrieves mainstring and puts in variable
    Printl "main variable:", main
    'can not use parse$ reserve word as function name
    printl "ParseNew: " + c1.ParseNew(3)  ' the parse$ statement
    printl "ParseCnt: " + str$(c1.parseCnt()) 'the parsecount statement
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    Thanks a lot for this example!
    Considering the very basic thinBasic OOP programming ... is a great example of OOP encapsulation
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    How effective has the CSV parsing module using OOP been in your testing, and have you encountered any specific challenges or limitations while implementing it?

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