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Thread: No more support?

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    No more support?

    I just wanted to add some bugs that should be fixed but am i blind? I can't find the support sections in the forum. Not general support nor thinAir support. Did any bot-attacks make them disappear?

    I had the following bugs
    uses "console" 
    function Anyfunc1() as string
    String a,b 
    Idispatch  c,d                           
    return "nice weather today in " & Function_name
    end function 
    function AnyFunc2() as string
    Idispatch c,d 
    String a,b 
    return "nice weather today in " & Function_name
    end function 
    function tbMain()
    printl "will check the weather..."
    printl anyfunc1()
    printl "then we check also..."
    printl anyfunc2()
    printl "key to end"
    end function
    obvious it is in the order of variable definition.

    And thinAir:
    Please fix the horizontal scrollbar. It's annoying. The calculation of the scroll-position itself appears to be correct but the container is larger than the code-window. Or instead of the containers witdh the smaller codewindows width is used and multiplied so instead to subtract 1.0 * container witdh
    just 1.0 + codewindow width is subtracted from total visible width to determine the codewindows X|Left-position

    double-clicking into the codewindow inserts a line of dashes - uncommented, starting at cursor-pos, breaks any line on that position and leads
    to code that can not be executed
    looking kind of abandoned

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    Thanks for reporting.

    Tracking area has been closed due to unsupported module giving database errors I'm not able to resolve.

    Regarding runtime error: defining more than one IDispatch variable on the same definition has a parsing bug.
    IDispatch variables are special variables to be used only in conjunction with COM objects but in any way the bug is there so I will have a look.

    On thinAir horizontal scroll and double click, yes I'm aware.
    Hor scroll doesn't happen frequently but happen. Will check
    Double click dashes was a feature I added some versions ago, it shouls only do something when cursor is on the right of #REGION ... keyword but seems the check is missing. Will fix. | |
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